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Ducks on the water in the mist

Ducks on the misty waters

This picture was shot near my house in the meadows I look over from my apartment. It was shot around the same time and location as I am a sucker for misty mornings! and near the location of this shot of a curious cow. Do I like this spot? Yesssss, I absolutely love this spot.…
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Misty sunrise in Dutch landscape

Misty meadow sunrise

This picture was shot during a early morning shoot in the meadows near my home town of The Hague. It was just such a beautiful morning wating to be captured. The location is about 5 kilometers from my house and it is one of my favourite places to shoot a misty meadow sunrise. The little…
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Extraordinary sunset

Extraordinary sunset!

This picture was shot during a holiday on Crete, Greece. We were having the time of our life with our small hire car, and wanted to go everywhere on the great island. That day we went to the east coast of the island where we had found this perfect spot to relax (see this blogpost).…
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Beautiful Holland view

Great misty morning at sunrise

This picture was shot during a morning photo session in my “backyard”. I live in the northern part of The Hague and have a view on some quite nice meadows. Whenever there is any groundmist, I can decide when I open my curtains to do some photography in the meadows or turn one more time…
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Calm lake with small boats

Tranquility lake

This picture was shot in August 2014 when I was on a holiday to Tannheim in Austria. Tannheim is such a beautiful place in Austria and it gives me total relaxation. I have been there now four times and each time it amazes me. In the valley south of the village of Tannheim, there is…
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This picture was shot in the castle gardens of Arcen in the south of The Netherlands. We visited my parents who where having their holiday closeby there and went for a leisury afternoon to these castle gardens with the four of us. There was an exhibition of sculptures at that moment in the gardens, however…
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Sunrays over the bike lane.

Sunlit road into the mist.

This picture was shot near where I live in Holland back in 2011 on the same trip where I took this photograph that was discussed in an earlier blog. Right in front of my appartment, there is this big meadow over which on some days a beautiful inversion layer is draped. On that specific morning,…
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Holiday feeling

Perfect holiday picture

This picture was shot during a holiday on the Greek island of Crete in October of 2015. The holiday season was over which gave the island some more “at ease” status. The place where we went that day was at the very east end of the island. We had hired a car and went touring…
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Sunrise over energy lines

Rope jumping sun

This picture was shot back in April 2013, on an early morning just before I wanted to leave for work. It shows the brilliant view I have from my appartment 🙂 It was forecasted to become a superb day and just before I wanted to leave for work (normally around 06:30) I saw the sun…
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Seagulls flying through a sunset

Sunset at the beach of Scheveningen

This picture was shot in way back in the winter of 2012 of the sunset in Scheveningen. Back then, I had no DSLR however I had a point and shoot camera, the Ricoh PX. I still have it and take it with me whenever I take all my gear with me. It is a wonderful…
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