A small mushroom umbrella

A small mushroom umbrella

Small umbrella like mushroom
Small umbrella like mushroom

A macro shot of a mushroom in the grass surrounded by dew drops

This picture was shot during a morning photo session in the backyard. That morning, one of the chores was to do the mowing of the grass. Before starting with that chore, I inspected the grass and saw this tiny little fungus growing up from between the grass roots. It looked like a small umbrella, however it did not rain that morning, there was a lot of dew on the grass.

I was interested by that small fungus because it was just positioned there all alone between all the drops hanging from the grass. The waterdroplets look like pearls hanging from the grass and there are actually reflections to bee seen in them. Something like that you can only see when you create such a macro shot.

Having to do the chores, I did not have my DSLR with me. As a consequence I grabbed my mobile (at that moment a Samsung Galaxy S6) and tried to focus on the little mushroom. The camera on those cellphones is placed on the top part of the device. But I wanted to get a very low shot. Consequently, I rotated the phone 180 degrees as such that the camera module was at the lowest end of the camera. That created for me the possibility to go even lower with the shot, something that is crucial when wanting to make those macro shots.

Having only my mobile and not having all those fancy menu settings, the camera was set on a normal program (just the point and shoot setting). The camera has a fixed aperture of F 1.9. With an ISO of 40 (which is very low), the exposure was in total 1/100th of a second. That was all chosen by the camera itself; I myself did not change anything.

In post I did not do anything either. It was not a raw file, so there was not much I could do with it. This is one of those photo’s that came just great from the camera. Even from a mobile camera.
So, the picture was made on the spot, without any fancy settings and without any post processing. That made this shot a great impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Samsung Galaxy S6
Lens Model N/A
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/100 seconds
F-number 1.9
ISO 40
Focal Length 4.3 mm


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