Den Haag, The Netherlands

Tag: macro

Impulsive Photography

Pine tree needles

Pine tree needles

This picture was shot on the Holterberg in the east part of The Netherlands (see map). I really like to go for an early walk and see the forest wake-up. It is such a tranquil time of the day. No other people, winds are mostly lower during the morning, less sound everywhere and those droplets…
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Small umbrella like mushroom

A small mushroom umbrella

This picture was shot during a morning photo session in the backyard. That morning, one of the chores was to do the mowing of the grass. Before starting with that chore, I inspected the grass and saw this tiny little fungus growing up from between the grass roots. It looked like a small umbrella, however…
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Colors of the Fall

I just love the colors of Fall!

This picture was shot in the back garden with the camera of my girlfriend exactly 4 years ago in 2013. It was the middle of fall and at one moment in the afternoon, the sun was really revealing all the fall colors with the leaves. My girlfriend is into macro photography (please take a look…
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Black coals, white fire.

Fierce fire

This picture was shot in July in 2015, in the gardens of the castle in Arcen in the Netherlands. Each year, an art and photography fair is organized there. Due to the fact that my parents were on holiday near that place, we decided to bring them a visit which was a good excuse to…
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Hello little friend!

A big signal from a small animal! This picture was -again- shot with the camera of my girlfriend in June 2015. We were doing a morning hike and both had our camera’s with us. She had her macro lens with her and suddenly I saw a small dragonfly. Instantly I grabbed her camera and lens…
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Dew on a spiderweb

Shiny spiderweb

A shiney spiderweb in the morning dew! This picture was shot with the 60 mm prime macro lens of my girlfriend. She is also into photography but focuses mainly on the macro side of photography. Check her Instagram feed here! A couple of years ago she bought this great macro lens and whenever there are…
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