Just an ordinary sunset

Just an ordinary sunset

Sunset @ Hoofddorp Train Station
Sunset @ Hoofddorp Train Station

A sunset seen from the station with the high voltage wiring and a trainsign

This picture was shot when I was waiting for the train at the Hoofddorp train station in The Netherlands. It was after work when all the commuters were waiting for the train to come. In other words, it is always such a dull moment. However at that day, the sun was setting in the Southern hemisphere, the way I was going and the warm sunlight caught my eye.

The greatest light was unfolding in front of me, on an ordinary day on that ordinary place. For my normal job I travel now about 10 years everyday to Hoofddorp and back, so the Hoofddorp station is my everyday hang-out place to wait for the commuter train to bring me back to my palace. However, that light just made it a special place. The rays were warm and there was a special atmosphere created with that.

However… I did not have my DSLR with me. So I grabbed my cellphone, which at that time was the Samsung Galaxy S3, walked towards the final part of the station and made the shot. I like the way the sun is reflected in the traintracks, the chaotic powerlines and the clean sky. Having only my mobile phone with me with limited capabilities, the picture was taken almost automatic. I remember that I set the lighting a little bit lower, just to avoid blowing out the highlights.

In post, I did not do anything. In conclusion, the picture was entirely made on the spot, without any post processing and without any fancy settings. That made this shot a great impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Samsung S3 (GT-I9300
Lens Model F2.6 lens
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/3000 seconds
F-number 2.6
ISO 80
Focal Length 3.70 mm