Sunrise over typical dutch setting

Sunrise over typical dutch setting

Sunrise over little bridge
Sunrise over little bridge

Sunrise in typical dutch landscape.

This picture was shot in October 2011 when I used the camera of my wife to shoot an amazing sunrise. Wow, I just love the early monrings when the nature is still calm, the energy is pooring in and tranquility is everywhere. This morning made my day because there was such a nice groundfog! I knew a little bridge in the middle of the meadows where I normally run (my 5 km point) and the atmosphere there was so great!! I have come back there many times now and this small place keeps being photogenic!

Back in 2011, I did not have a DSLR, however my wife had one. So I borrowed hers and just went for it. At that time having no real knowledge about photography and not knowing the camera gives some challenges so I just set it on Landscape mode. That was I think the most suitable for that situation 🙂
The ISO was set on 100 and the camera itself then figured out that an aperture of 8 and an exposure of 1/160th of a second would yield the best result. I did not use any other gear during the making of the photo; it was taken from the hand.

In post I did nothing. Because those days I had nothing with postprocessing. The photo should already look good in my opinion, straight from the camera. Otherwise, the photo would show a world that just was not there. Nowadays, I look a little bit different to it, because some post processing just gets the atmosphere back in a photo. So, the picture was made on the spot, without any fancy settings nor post-processing. That made this shot a great impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Canon EOS 1000D
Lens Model EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/160 seconds
F-number 8.0
ISO 100
Focal Length 18 mm