Shiny spiderweb

Shiny spiderweb

Dew on a spiderweb

A shiney spiderweb in the morning dew!

This picture was shot with the 60 mm prime macro lens of my girlfriend. She is also into photography but focuses mainly on the macro side of photography. Check her Instagram feed here! A couple of years ago she bought this great macro lens and whenever there are perfect conditions in the morning I just steal her lens and go crazy in the garden. We decided to get roughly the same camera (she has a Canon 1000D and I have a Canon 1100D), so we can swap lenses.

This morning, the dew was clinging to everything, creating beautiful drops of water. On a spider’s web, the drops of water on the silky web structure were creating a pearl necklace kind of formation. I wanted to show the 3-D effect of the spiderweb structure and have a fuzzy background (the background was not that interesting). To get this effect, the F-number was adjusted as such to create a shallow depth-of-field (small F-number). I have to admit that I had my camera still on ISO 400 and aperture priority… my camera then figured out that an exposure of 1/500 was needed to get a good picture (ssssshhhhttt… at that moment, I was not shooting in full manual yet). Not much of post-processing went in this picture, I only reduced the highlights a little bit as it was distracting a bit in the background.

The 3-D effect of the spiderweb worked fine, however I thought I would get more of a bokeh effect due to the drops in the background. This did not work out as I had planned, but still the picture shows a delicate moment in time which I love with a lens I was not experienced with! This resulted in a nice impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Canon EOS 1100D
Lens model EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/500
F-number 2.80
ISO 400
Focal Length 60 mm


Sorry, no location this time… was a private area which I do not wish to disclose.


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