Extraordinary sunset!

Extraordinary sunset!

Extraordinary sunset

This picture was shot during a holiday on Crete, Greece. We were having the time of our life with our small hire car, and wanted to go everywhere on the great island. That day we went to the east coast of the island where we had found this perfect spot to relax (see this blogpost). The only problem was that we completely lost track of time! We wanted to get to our appartment when it was still light… but we never made that. Instead, during our ride back to the appartment, we were suddenly treated with this great view!!

The great thing was, that we were up a little bit higher and the fluffy clouds were not that high. You had the idea that the clouds were just floating 100 meters above us with the sun peeking through. It gave a special atmosphere. And then the lighting happened. WOW! At those moments you have to be quick and grab the shot! So I grabbed my phone and, stepped out of the car and made the picture.

The cellphone was my good old Samsung Galaxy S6. That phone was really able to grab stunning moments! Why bother with a DSLR at moments like these? The camera was set on the Normal program and did everything by itself. The exposuretime was 1/1700th of a second with a fixed aperture of F1.9. What I did do was tuning the brightness down, that’s the reason for the high exposure time.

In post, I did not do anything. In conclusion, the picture was entirely made on the spot, without any post processing and without any fancy settings. That made this shot a great impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Samsung S6 (SM-G920F)
Lens Model F1.9 lens
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/1700 seconds
F-number 1.9
ISO 40
Focal Length 4.30 mm