Sunset at the beach of Scheveningen

Sunset at the beach of Scheveningen

Seagulls flying through a sunset
Seagulls flying through a sunset

Sunset at Scheveningen with seagulls.

This picture was shot in way back in the winter of 2012 of the sunset in Scheveningen. Back then, I had no DSLR however I had a point and shoot camera, the Ricoh PX. I still have it and take it with me whenever I take all my gear with me. It is a wonderful camera which is dust and waterproof. The only thing is… the settings are pretty limited… so a lot of explaining how I made the shot on a technical level is perhaps not fully possible.

That evening we decided to have a nice walk over the beach where I live nearby. As the beach is always very sandy for some reason, I decided to take my dustproof camera with me. On the beach itself there were some sandbanks which created small ponds on the beach. At that moment, I remembered a photo that I had seen from a sunset that was taken half below water and half above water. With that camera I could also do that. Well, that did not work out because the water was too dark.

Consequently I tried the next best thing and took a shot, a bit above the water, but with the sun just above the pier of Scheveningen. At that moment, a lot of seagulls were just taking off, giving the photo some scale and interest. What I also like about this picture is the nice lensflare of the sun. In this photo it does work while in may other photos I try to avoid it.

So, shooting with this camera on the normal program, gave me an F-value of 15 with a exposure of 1/200th of a second with the ISO on 100. Those settings were all automatic, making it an impulsive photo!

Camera settings:

Camera Model RICOH PX
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/200
F-number 15.00
ISO 100
Focal Length 15.25 mm



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