Plants near the road

Plants near the road

Yellow flowers in the morning.

How beautiful can the plants be that grow next to the road?

This picture was shot during a morning walk I did near Deventer in August 2015. I wanted to shoot some pictures of the sun coming up, but was already too late for that.
Sunrises are the most magical moments in nature. The light is beautiful, mostly the air is calm and nature is trying to wake up. Like so, I tried to wake up early to photograph the earliest sun rays. Although I got one great early morning sun ray shots, my eye suddenly fell on some flowers just next to the road. Tares (or weed) you might call these flowers. Well, sometimes there is beauty in the most ugliest called subjects.
I had no tripod with me, which was tricky. The flowers were not yet fully lit by the sun and I did not want to have the full background in the frame. I therefore bumped the ISO up and the exposure down 1 2/3 stops. The lens I used was a zoom-lens which meant I had to take my distance from the subject. I like pictures with a shallow depth of field and the way to get those with a zoom lens is to zoom in. This gives a macro effect to the picture. The ISO was high, to try to have the shutterspeed a little bit faster to not to introduce any shaking.
In post processing I lowered the shadows and bumped the highlights a little bit, just to give it the extra edge. Although the picture was not planned, the framing was well thought-over and gave a -in my view- spectacular result of a subject that is not that photogenic. A nice planned impulsive shot!

Camera settings:

Camera Model Canon EOS 1100D
Lens model EF75-300mm f/4-5.6
Accesoires used None
Exposure 1/1000
F-number 11.00
ISO 3200
Focal Length 300 mm



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